General Information

  • Unit, appliances, and appointments are all brand new (2006/2007)
  • 1,400 sq ft interior (three floors; 3 BR/3.5 bath; sleeps 5-7)
  • 240 sq ft exterior deck space (2nd floor decks, front and back)
  • Full, private bathroom adjoining each bedroom
  • Walking distance from Winter Park shops; less than a mile from National Forest access; ski shuttle stops at the driveway, and only takes ten minutes to lift-side
  • Large outdoor hot tub on second floor deck
  • Radiant in-floor heating; gas fireplace; heated oversize garage with remote garage door opener
  • Washer/dryer; stainless steel appliances and grill; tiled kitchen/bathrooms
  • Flat screen TV with HD cable and OnDemand, DVD, sound system with subwoofer
  • High-speed Internet (wireless and/or wired)
  • End unit, so windows on three sides, making for a bright, airy feel!
  • Open, yet cozy feel inside; village atmosphere outside

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Frequently asked questions

Where exactly is West Portal Townhome located?

West Portal Townhome is right in the town of Winter Park, Colorado.  Winter Park is between Winter Park Resort ski area and the town for Fraser.  The townhouse is one of 16 units in Wolf Park Townhomes, a family oriented, village-like community in the forest just a few hundred feet from the main shopping and restaurant district for the area.  Check out this map to see precisely where West Portal is located.

Distances at a glance:

Winter Park (shops, restaurants, festivals):  200 yards by foot trail (less than a mile by road)
Fraser (Safeway, etc):  3 miles
Winter Park Resort (ski area):  3 miles (12 minutes by ski shuttle)
Mary Jane (turnoff):  6 miles
Denver Airport (DIA):  90 miles

How do you get from the townhouse to skiing, shops, and restaurants?

A great feature of West Portal is that it is on one of the best of the free shuttle lines in the area.  During ski season, the bus stops at the top of the driveway every half hour during the day, and next door every hour in the evenings.  It takes less than 15 minutes to ride to the ski area, and just a couple minutes to get to shops and restaurants.  Shuttles also run during the summer/festival season, and for the adventurous---or for anyone during the summer and autumn---a short trail through the woods leads directly to Cooper Creek Square, and the other shops and restaurants of Winter Park.

Why do you call it "West Portal"?

West Portal townhome derives its name from its proximity to the western entrance of the Moffat Tunnel (five miles away), which services the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. One of Colorado’s most interesting and historic rail lines, “the Moffat” provides much of the ambiance and lore that characterizes Winter Park. The route to Winter Park was first opened in 1904 using temporary track over 11,600-foot Rollins Pass, but it wasn’t until 1928 that the tunnel was completed—3.6 miles longer and 14 years later than planned. To this day, the line provides a crucial link between Chicago and San Francisco, serving passenger and freight trains alike.

How close is West Portal to the trains?

For most, the trains are one of the best characteristics of Winter Park, and of West Portal. The two compliments we most often receive from our guests are related t o the hot tub and the trains.  However, we are close enough to the tracks that train noise can sometimes be disturbing to light sleepers.  The closest townhomes in the complex are about 100 feet from the tracks, and West portal is at the far end of its  building (the end farthest from the tracks).  The building is extremely well insulated, so as long as the windows are kept closed, the noise is not usually bothersome, but it is a consideration.


Is West Portal 'kid friendly'?

Yes, our townhouse is particularly well suited to families.  Kids love the large bunkroom, and with the master bedroom just outside the door and a separate full bathroom serving each room, the upstairs makes a great family suite.  We have child-resistant clips on the kitchen cupboards, and plastic plug-covers on electrical outlets.  There are carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors on all floors.

There are only 16 townhouses at Wolf Park Townhomes, so it's quiet and there are very few cars coming in and out.  The complex is set back from the road, separated by a hundred-foot-wide corridor of forested public park, and a short walk away is Wolf Park, which features a new playground, small playing field, and basketball, volleyball, and tennis areas.  Since the complex is very family oriented, there are almost always kids playing outside.

What's the best time of year to come?

The common saying is that people "come to Winter Park for the winters, but they stay for the summers."  It's true---Grand County excels during the winter, but its true shine is in the summer, when hiking, mountain biking and other activities are paramount.  What is less well known is the glory of Winter Park---and Colorado in general---during the autumn months.  Its true that there is a lot less energy in shops and restaurants during this period, but the weather and wildlife are typically ideal.  Spring is beautiful too, but you should know that many businesses in the area are closed, and "mud season," as it's widely known, is a time of solitude in Winter Park. 

How does West Portal compare with other rental properties?

Generally, properties in the Winter Park area are priced in relation to their proximity to Winter Park Resort, the hub in the area for skiing and lift-oriented mountain biking.  A couple miles down the road lies the town of Winter Park, which is the center for restaurants, shopping, and festivals, and is where West Portal Townhome is located.  Three miles further, the valley broadens out to the town of Fraser, where grocery and hardware stores can be found, as well as many more condos (6-8 miles from the resort).

After that, pricing tends to center around bedroom/bathroom count and other amenities.  West Portal sometimes comes in a little higher than other units of its size because of its quality furnishings, bathroom-to-bedroom ratio, and shuttle access.  Another added value is West Portal's hot tub, which is larger and better situated than most private ones, and is clean and private versus commercial common rooms and shared pools and tubs.

Overall, West Portal has a 100% customer satisfaction rate, and we think that it's a better value than most other properties in the same price range.